John Becker is a contemporary artist in, Evansville Wisconsin.

It is a form of homage and a means of access to a greater mystery to which I feel bound that I am compelled to create. My work is driven by a desire for wholeness where discovery is experienced by moving into the field of the unknown.

For me abstraction is a vehicle for both unconscious impulse and mindful reflection. Compositions are the result of collaboration between opposing energies of the psyche i.e. thought - feeling, sensation - intuition, instinct - conscious choice and so on. Although at times, the work is both playground and battlefield. I want to draw the viewer and myself into closer union with this dynamic process.

Works themselves are from my part symbols or artifacts harvested from the working process itself; the record of a persisting moment or series of moments captured in time. Titles for works are derived from the feeling sense and serve as a form of interpretation rather than a literal explanation.

My thought is multifaceted. I am influenced by mythology, psychology, and religion. The works of Joseph Cambell, C. G. Jung, and both organized and tribal religious traditions are important to me. While I have spent a good portion of my career exploering classical figure sculpture, the evocative nature of Abstract Expressionisim has all ways been aluring as well. Particularly the New York School of the mid twentieth century.

The creative process is for me a necessity. For that matter the destructive act is of equal value in my work. I embrace both tendencies which brings me most intimately in contact with life. My dreams are animated by forces i can not ignore. Art is the translating oracle of my soul for which I am grateful. Although I am often confronted with more questions than answers.